Our projects

We specialize in laying mosaics, adaptable to any living space in both private and public. We are able, thanks to our twenty years of experience, to offer fine finishes with various materials such as marble, resins, wood, ceramics in large sizes.




The laying of mosaic has always been the activity that characterizes us and on which we base most of our projects. We use different types of mosaic, mainly glass, marble and ceramic.


The Casetta Group specializes in the laying of any type of marble. Thanks to the competence and versatility of the staff of Casetta Group, you can make marble floors and walls of all kinds.


Casetta Group, starting from the classic floated or glued floors, performs very special wooden works for relaxation areas of wellness centers, boiserie and custom projects.


Casetta Group specializes exclusively in the laying of ceramic tiles in large sizes, from mt 2.80 x 1.20 to mt 3.20 x 1.60. The ceramic laying activity is carried out with special equipment and specific training, which is continuously updated.